Host your own Food-Packaging Event!

Hunger is the #1 health risk in the world and claims more lives than Tuberculosis, Malaria, and AIDS all COMBINED. Did you realize that you can make a huge difference in this statistic? You can feed 1000s of children by simply volunteering a couple hours of your time and packaging meals for less than 20¢ each. You and a group of other people you know that are willing to help can get together and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE and save families around the world by hosting a food packaging event. Our mobile food packaging team is always ready! Here are the steps you need to take to host your event:

  • Call our office for an open date
  • Form a planning committee
  • Set a goal of how many meals that you would like to package
  • Lock in a location (church, school, community building, etc.)
  • Plan fundraisers or get sponsors for the 20¢/meal

Meals packaged at your event may be distributed by your organization or brought back to the HOPE warehouse to be shipped out and distributed. For more information on hosting your Food-Packaging Event, contact us.

Connecting people with purpose will forever change their future. Food-Packaging Events not only impact those receiving the meals, but will revolutionize the lives of each volunteer.

“Come here, volunteer one day and you’ll be blessed and want to come back.”
                    --- Dr. Kane
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