Food packages are life sustaining.

"Do you love me?" He said, "Lord, you know all things; You know I love you." Jesus replied "Feed my sheep" John 21:17

HOPE in a small package!

The meals that are packaged at our Food Packaging Events are specially formulated with the amount of nutrition needed for a malnourished child. These life sustaining meals are packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals that not only nourish the body, but will also keep the mind alert. One package will feed a family of six. The formulation of our food makes a very nutritionally complex vegetarian meal easy to digest.

These meals are specially designed to make it easy for families world wide to prepare. Preparation only requires boiling water. The packaging is moisture proof and odor proof to prevent spoiling and rodent problems. The meals packaged have a shelf life of 3 years. The formula for our meals contains the following:

  • Satisfies hunger and fills stomach
  • Stable ingredient and has a long shelf life
  • Dehydrated onions, bell peppers, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and cabbage adds delicious flavor.¬†
  • Complete protein¬†
  • Each meal contains 11 grams of protein¬†
  • Great source of iron
  • 21 different vitamins and minerals
  • Has all of your A, B, C, D and E vitamins
  • Adds vegetarian chicken flavoring
"Man this is great. This is what we need. People are ready."
                    --- Mayor Pete Leija during Morehouse flood
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