Hunger Relief Campaign


The mission for the Give Hope Campaign is to spread awareness about hunger, give people the opportunity to make a difference, and together feed hungry people around the world. There are millions of people dying every day because they do not have enough to eat. This is happening not only over seas, but right here in America. It is our responsibly as the hands and feet of Christ to stand in for those people and do everything we can to get food where it needs to go.  

It takes less than 20¢ to feed a hungry child. The average meal in American costs $6.00. If we just spared that one meal eating out, we could feed 30 children or one child for a whole month! Can you believe that? One small sacrifice for us can make a huge impact for many hungry children. It costs the average family $40 to eat out. If you sacrifice that one meal and chose to donate, you would feed 200 children. Just with that one sacrifice. It doesn't take much to make a difference. Everyone can afford to feed the hungry! Don't miss your opportunity to be a blessing. 


To make GIVE HOPE a huge success, we need willing people.  People who have a heart for the hungry. People who want to make a difference. People who will donate a couple hours of their time to package meals. On March 1st, we, as a region, are going to package 250,000 meals to send to all the local pantries and over seas to Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Tanzania, and Kenya. Food Packaging events are amazing life-changing events that are fun for all ages. Everyone from ages 5 to 95 can come and work together to change world hunger. Please don't hesitate to volunteer. Share this with your friends, co-workers, classmates, church family, etc!

We promise you will leave blessed!



“Oklahoma thanks you.”
                    --- Renee Mack
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